About Infield

πŸ“ What we do

Infield scans your dependencies and guides you through complex upgrades step-by-step. Tackle large upgrades incrementally and prioritize maintenance work based on the risk in not upgrading and the effort of doing so.

🧒 Who we are

We are a small team of dedicated developers, open source maintainers, product and project managers. We know firsthand how toilsome and overwhelming upgrading dependencies can be, so we have made it our mission to make open source software as easy to keep up-to-date as Chrome.


πŸ†• Upgrade Monitor

Upgrade Monitor continuously tracks the latest versions of your dependencies and answers the question "which dependencies should we upgrade next?"

  • Track upgrade opportunities as new versions of packages are released and old versions lose support from the maintainer.
  • See effort for each upgrade, so you know which upgrades can be applied automatically and which ones should be given to an engineer. We do this by reading the changelog for every package you rely on to tell you which breaking changes you'll encounter.

πŸ›£οΈ Upgrade Path

Upgrade Path does the project planning so you can navigate complex upgrades, even with breaking changes.

  • To build an upgrade path, start by inputting the package you’d like to upgrade and the target version. You can specify whether you would like to upgrade to the target version exactly, or to any version that is greater than or equal to the target version.
  • You can input multiple simultaneous upgrades, e.g. I want to upgrade Rails to version 6.0 and simple_token_authentication to version 1.1 or greater.
  • Infield runs a solver to calculate the series of incremental upgrades that need to be done in order to achieve your goals.

What’s Next

Get started making your first Upgrade Path by checking out the Upgrade Path how-to guide.